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  • While Opting to avail Fiber to Home (FTTH) internet Services or Wireless Broadband ( WBB) internet services , below mentioned terms , conditions , rules , regulations and compliances are accepted by customer through digital OTP CAF or Physical Paper CAF . It Includes all other terms , conditions , Policies , rules , regulations , data privacy terms other conditions as mentioned on CAF , , on our website https://fhnpl.com and below mentioned terms conditions. The below terms & conditions are summarized list which customer have accepted at the time of installation / while availing our internet service of any form and all such terms & conditions will remain enforce till the customer is availing our services of any form viz FTTH , WBB or ILL.A Copy of same is also available in customer recharge portal / self care portal

    Terms & Conditions:

    a. 95% uptime, Mean Time to Repair ( MTTR) / Fault resolution time for FTTH & Wireless Broadband Subscribers is 8 hrs to 72 hrs as per location and weather conditions. Same can be longer and beyond the MTTR period based on the damage to Fiber and weather conditions. Service disruption during the period is included / part of Force Majeure clause of CAF / Subscriber agreement. For ILL subscriber’s fault resolution time is as per contract / SLA Contract.

    b. Services of FTTH / WBB Fixed Line Internet Services are subject to feasibility of the location, as per availability of services and last mile availability.

    c. Broadband internet service is a shared internet service. Internet speed as shown in FTTH / WBB plans is maximum possible peak speed. Minimum assured speed in each Broadband Plan is 2 Mbps. No Speed complaint will be entertained until it is below minimum threshold / poor QoS.

    d. Speed Mentioned in our FTTH / WBB plans is in Megabits Per Second. 1 Mbps=125 KB/Second of Data Transfer. Example: To download a file from internet with a size of 1 MB in 1 Second, internet speed of 8 Mbps is required. Data / File download speed also depends upon the location / server where form it is downloaded.

    e. Customers are advised to pay bills / renew / recharge / change plan only via online customer portal at https://fhnpl.com

    f. GST @ 18% is charged Over the mentioned Plan Prices. If you have a GSTIN number kindly update the same at the customer portal to claim Input GST Credit.

    g. Internet Services are governed by the rules and regulations of Department of Telecom (DOT) Government of India and Government of J & K. Services can be terminated / suspended / Temporarily blocked anytime in compliance to any Govt Order / Directions whenever received. FHNPL shall not be responsible or liable for any failure on its part to fulfil its obligations contained therein as per CAF if such failure is on account of such orders. Force Majeure shall mean such unforeseeable occurrences beyond the reasonable control of FHNPL such as:
    1. Acts of God, natural catastrophes, Bad Weather , Damage to Fiber by any means , frequency interference from external source, epidemics, earthquakes; Strikes, Hartals , Curfew and blockades; either by FHNPL personnel or others including govt authorities imposed affecting Service
    2. War or war-like conditions, mobilization, revolutions or riots, acts of public enemy, sabotage, terrorism etc.
    3. Restriction by or actions, omissions or interventions of Indian public authorities (including but not limited to changes in laws, regulations or import / export, security restrictions or other government imposed restrictions).

    h.FHNPL reserves right to terminate services of any subscriber at any time without any prior notice due to any of the reasons arised at FHNPL end / due to other reasons as stated above. (Applicable to FTTH & WBB Customers only).For ILL Customers Notice Period as Per SLA / ILL Contract is applicable.

    I. Customer Understand and comply that activities which are illegal and violate the terms of agreement with FHNPL / Department of Telecom are not undertaken/performed / done by any means on the internet services availed through FHNPL . These include as :
    a) Terminating Internet telephony calls to any public telephone number (PSTN/ISDN/PLMN etc.) in India, irrespective of whether the same originates in India or abroad [i.e. establishing connection between Internet / ILL and PRI/SIPT/GSM Gateway/Mobile SIM for Voice communication from anywhere to anywhere by means of dialling a telephone number (PSTN/ ISDN/ PLMN)].
    b) Deploying Wifi on my/our own without centralized authentication or without password protection’s)
    c) Undertake to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including without limitation, the provisions of the Indian Telegraph Rules, 1951 made thereunder, Indian Wireless Act 1933, IT Act 2000 and TRAI Act 1997 and any amendments or replacements made thereto from time to time .
    d)Will not re-sell the services procured from FHNPL to any third party or any other person.
    e) Ensure that objectionable, obscene, unauthorized or any other content, messages or communications infringing copyright, Intellectual property right and international & domestic cyber laws, in any form or inconsistent with the laws of India, are not carried out and certify that from allotted IP address / availed FTTH / WBB / ILL Internet Service there will be no anti-national activities via social networking, proxies, VPN, VPs , encrypted files containing any sort of video/photo/media file / document uploaded to any web platform or messaging service.

    j. Detailed terms & conditions are also available at https://fhnpl.com & at the CAF terms sections. Customer Declaration : I / We have read / understood all such terms & Conditions of CAF / Subscriber Agreement carefully as stated above and as on https://www.fhnpl.com before signing up to avail the services from FHNPL .
    Digitally Signed By Customer through Online CAF authenticated with Mobile OTP. (OTP Signature Preserved for electronic evidence)