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Serving to Unserved

With an ever-expanding local footprint in remote areas of Jammu , Kashmir and Ladakh , FHNPL is able to deliver the Premium Wireless Fixed Line Internet Service in hard to reach remote and rural areas on its next-generation Wireless Network backed by Dark Fiber.

Your Local ISP

As a native of Jammu , Kashmir & Ladakh who is concerned about supporting local retail businesses, you spend your money where you work and live. However, don’t forget that purchasing retail goods is just half of the equation — hiring local service companies, such as FHNPL, is just as important and impactfull. By choosing a local company, you are choosing to circulate/re-circulate your money and investments back into the community in which you live,

Why to Choose a Native Company ???

When you are Choosing to deliver any services or products through Local Company , it strengthens our area’s economic backbone and generates employment locally . We are always there for you . You’re our neighbor standing in line with us or the parent watching your children playing sports with ours across Jammu , Kashmir and Ladakh.

Services We Offer

It is Beyond Internet & Telecom Resources , IT or ITeS - All under one roof

Internet Leased Line

We Provision a dedicated 1:1 Internet Backbone for you / your orgnization through our Next Generation Microwave Based Wireless Network which is backed by Dark Fiber at Base Station with 99.5% SLA

Wireless Broadband

Premium Business Broadband Provisioned on our Next Generation Wireless Network backed by Optical Fiber Backhaul at each Point Of Presence ( PoP). Enjoy a real TCP throughput upto 20 Mbps and a daily data limit of Upto 200 GB.

Managed Network Services

Highly Secure inter office Network access and management across your various offices / branches / Warehouses. It includes integration of Various Surrivilance resources like CCTV , GeoFencing , GPS and Biometric access Integration

Your Cyber Security Partner

FHNPL caters your all latest cyber security needs . Provisioning and implementation of Onsite or Cloud Based Firewall , Cyber Security Policies , Implementation of Data Centre Level Network Security and Zero Trust Solutions


Frequently Asked Questions

  • These Charges include the Labour Charges , Cabling & Fitting , Installation of Microwave CPE at your Office / Home / Location . Costs involved in Documentation & Activation Process. Regulatory Fees / Charges and other Goverment taxes etc . General While installating a New Link ( Whether ILL or Wireless Broadband ) , below inventory is provided by / installed by FHNPL at customer premises.
    1.CPE / Microwave Device (Equipment / Antena) or Customer Premises Equipment ( Fitted and installed by our team at roof top of customer building)
    2.CAT-6 or CAT-5 Outdoor Cable from Roof Top to the buiding ground floor / drop location ( Maximum 30 Mtrs). In Case more than 30 Mtrs Cable is required same will be charageable.
    3.Necessary AC/DC Power Module / Adoptor for powering on the CPE / Microwave device installed.
    4.A Single Band 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi Router ( Any Brand as per avialibility of stock)

  • CAF is the Customer Acquisition Form and it contains the necessary information / details of customer / authorized signatory as per the regulatory guidelines and compliances . CAF and Subscriber agreement is a set of documents ( Hard or Soft Copy ) which contains all such information , terms , conditions ,rules , regulations and polices / guidelines of regulatory authority/competent authority . The CAF and Subscriber agreement is mandatory part of services provisioned by FHNPL and is required to be signed in any form viz Physical Ink Signature / Digital Signature / E-Sign / E-Signature Via Mobile SMS / OTP etc before provisioning of such services / telecom resources.By signing the CAF and Subscriber agreement , these polices , rules , regulations and other terms/conditions are accepted by customer and remain in force till the customer is availing the services of FHNPL.
    SLA is service level agreement and it is applicable only in r/o Internet Leased Line Customers and for those customers who are availing managed network services / other allied services from FHNPL.

  • Fault Resolution means to rectify / restore the fault occured in any transmission system of FHNPL due which services of customer are down / not working . This may occur due to various reasons like fiber cut enroute to customer , Power Failure at BTS , Backhaul Issue , Customer equipment faulty etc . These faults are restored as per the time lines mentioned in the subscriber agreement of each service.

  • A leased line is a dedicated connection between your premises and the local exchange. It is fixed bandwidth and offers identical upload and download speeds and is not subject to contention / sharing with other users. It comes under a pre-defined Service Level Agreement and is considered as one of the premium internet service.

    Broadband is not a dedicated connection between your premises and the local exchange. It is variable bandwidth, asymmetric, meaning faster for downloads than for uploads, and subject to contention with other users.There is no any gaurantee that speed as shown in Broadband plan will always be avilable to customer.A Broadband node / central exchange node is shared in between all users connected on that node and data speed will be shared amoung all the users of node.

  • FTTx. (Fiber To The X) means all possible optical fiber topologies from a telecom or ISP carrier to its customers, based on the location of the fiber's termination point.X can be anything from below mentioned list.
    FTT” H” = Home / FTT” B” = Building and FTT” F” = Floor

  • For Wireless Internet Service Customers
    Please follow / check as per below Steps:
    • Check if the LAN cable is properly plugged in to the computer / router and there is WAN indicator Green / Glowing on the wifi router.
    • Make sure that the LAN Card / Wireless adapter is not disabled on the PC / Laptop if you are using direct cable .
    • Check if the LED lights on the POE ( Power Over Ethernet ) adoptor is glowing / on.
    • Make sure that the LAN Cable is connected to WAN Port of ‘Router’ and its indicator is glowing .
    • On your Laptop / PC please go to Start --> Run, here type ’cmd’ and the Command prompt will open . In the Dialogue box ping to the gateway and radio / cpe ip .
    • If you are still not able to use the service please call / whatsapp / text our single point of contact number : +91-9796275555 for further support.

    For FTTH / FTTX Customers
    Please follow / check as per below Steps:
    • Check if the REG Light is red . In Case REG Light on your modem is red that means there is fiber cut / optical fiber damaged / isolated . In that case contact with us.
    • Make sure that the LAN Card / Wireless adapter is not disabled on the PC / Laptop if you are using direct cable .
    • If you are still not able to use the service please call / whatsapp / text our single point of contact number : +91-9796275555 for further support.


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Registered Address:

33 Lajoora , Pulwama , Jammu & Kashmir - 192301

Single Point of Contact [ SPOC ]

+91 9796275555

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Important Regulatory Information

  • FHNPL have a single point of contact system where each and every query regarding Sales , Products and Services , Technical Support and various Regulatory Compliances are received on SPOC number via any mode i.e. viz by Phone Call , SMS , WhatsApp of email.

  • FTTH ( Fiber to Home Broadband ) Fault Restoration
  • FTTH or Fiber to Home Broadband Services of FHNPL are provisioned on Linear Over Head Fiber laid in very extreme rural and hilly areas . Based on the Geographical and Weather conditions of Jammu , Kashmir and Ladakh region Fault resolution time to restore the fiber cut is in between 6 hrs to 72 hrs as per location , weather and road conditions of that area where from the fiber isolation is reported . Through we try our best to minimize the downtime and fiber faults but same is beyond control of FHNPL and is included in Force Majeure conditions

  • Force Majeure
  • All Force Majeure conditions are described in details on the CAF ( Customer Acquisition Form ) and Subscriber Agreement form which is filled , accepted and signed by the customer through physical sign or digital sign / e-sign / OTP Sign Mode at the time of purchasing / avialing any type of service , products or technical support form FHNPL